Discount Auto Parts – Your Secret Weapon in the War on Recession


Across the nation, people are seeking, finding and employing ways to save money.  From purchases of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, now, more than any other time in recent economic history has saving and getting the most for your money been so important.  This article will focus on an important area where we all can save money – discount auto parts.

I must tell you this, I am extremely excited about discount auto parts, and have been that way since I learned about how beneficial they can be.  Discount auto parts can be a savior to you if you own any type of vehicle that needs parts not covered by warranty.

Years ago, I worked as a car salesman and I’m well versed in the formal and informal, manifest and hidden aspects of that industry.  My knowledge spans sales to service to financing and insurance to warranties, both used and new.  My product knowledge is extensive with regard to the Mazda, Dodge and Volkswagen brands.  I have two Volkswagen Passats: a 2002 and  2009. As you know, service costs on an out of warranty vehicle can be costly.  Let me share with you how I keep up with all my 2002 service and repairs and cause my VW service manager grief (since he can only charge me for labor, never parts).

It’s Really Simple

Whenever I have a problem with my older vehicle, I’ll have a diagnostic done by the dealership or the local Advance Auto Parts Franchise.  After the diagnostic is done, I’ll get a list of the parts needed for the repair, and I immediately go online to my tried and true (and highly discounted auto parts connection).

A Little History

Discount auto parts are auto parts that are used to replace the standard parts of a vehicle. Despite their being available at a significantly lower price that standard auto parts, most discount auto parts have quality equal to the more expensive car parts your service department or mechanic might want to offer you.

Buyer Beware junkyards near me

When you first begin to delve into this area of product/parts procurement, please be careful. Why? Because many of the online shops are auction sites in disguise, selling old used parts, not new discount parts. When you do a search at my secret connection spot, you’ll be able to search the site and be exposed to an extensive inventory and the most competitive pricing.

When You Know… You Know

It may seem an insignificant thing to you now, but when need arises and your back is up against your mechanics wall, you will be so happy to read this article and took action, the right action.  When you are in need of a part and can save 10% to 55% or more on the purchase price, you will feel empowered.  Your mechanic might not like it, but that’s too bad.

What To Do Next

If you have a car that’s out of warranty (and lots of folk do), you will need repairs.  You want to make sure you aren’t taken to the cleaners by your mechanic or the service department.  You want to have immediate access to quality discount auto parts.  Be a smart shopper.

Idriys “Luke” Muhammad is an education and information broker who has researched and reported on numerous topics. In addition, he is a mobile therapist by day, delivering quality mental health services to children, youth, couples, and families in their homes and in the community. Idriys has worked in the human/social services arena since 1989. He holds a masters in social science. At night, Idriys is the quintessential Internet marketer, specializing in teaching people how to rapidly improve their results in marketing their products and/or services. Idriys has over 19 years experience in sales and marketing and has assisted over 900 client in achieving their sales and marketing goals and objectives. Take advantage of Idriys’s knowledge regarding Discount Auto Parts [http://productreviewmavens.com/DiscountAutoParts.htm]; we think you’ll be glad you did.

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