The Keychain Personal Alarm With Flashlight – How Effective is It?

In this article we will be discussing the effectiveness of the personal keychain alarm with light. Discussed will be the features, effectiveness, and what situations we believe it is suited for. Not all personal alarms are the same and some features may be better suited for you than others.

The Keychain alarm looks like a standard keyless entry fob on a regular keychain. It can be attached to a key ring or worn on a belt loop or inside of a pocket attached to a zipper pull for fast access.

This alarm, which is also a flashlight, has two separate ways to activate. Pull the pin attached to the keychain out of the alarm itself to activate it, or with a firm press of the button it emits an ear piercing 130 decibel alarm that stays on until you depress the button again to disarm it. With the pin pulled out it can only be silenced by replacing the same pin. This so it can’t be taken and turned off by an attacker. We found that 130 decibels is loud, very loud, and roughly equivalent to the roar of a jet engine at 80 yards.

The flashlight feature works well to find a light switch in a darkened room or to find the key entry on your car door or front entry door in the dark.

Here are the results of some live tests with the help of a team of volunteer students: acrylic keychain

To test the effectiveness of this little keychain alarm we went to a number of locations, all were public areas which included an outdoor market, a park, a shopping mall, a parking lot and a parking garage, two chain stores and a parking lot outside of a popular restaurant. And yes we did have some trouble with security personnel at more than one location.

At the outdoor market, the park and the shopping mall, most people did not approach but stood at a safe distance and watched what was going on. People did take notice however; about half of those who passed by stopped and looked, and of those at least one person in each case offered help.

At the parking lot and indoor parking garage, about a third of the people in the general area looked in our direction. At each location at least one concerned citizen asked if we needed help.

At a strip mall store and the restaurant most of the people turned to see what was going on, and we attracted much more attention. We believe this was so do to the idea that in a confined area people are more interested in how an unexpected event will affect their safety.

At every location people took notice, a fair number of them asked if we needed help. Would they have engaged if one of us were alone and under attack? Who can say but the attention was probably enough to end any attack. We did find that at the indoor locations the response was better than that of outdoor locations, probably due to the alarm being more obvious indoors. Over all the Keychain alarm with light was effective at attracting the attention of those around us, and we consider it a successful personal security item.

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